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Inventory Services

We pride ourselves on a speedy, accurate, high quality & comprehensive and reliable service at the most competitive rates. Our clerks are fully trained and go through 6 weeks of Inventory training including courses and on site training. Our staff also receive ongoing training and development to keep Urban Inventories staff at the very top of their pinnacle.

Protecting your property investment

Protect your property with an independent and professional inventory. As a landlord, your property is a valuable asset. For a small sum of money, you can help protect your investment by having a thorough inventory for each tenancy. An independent inventory that is professionally compiled together with a professional check out at the end of the tenancy will help to sort out any disputes that might arise.

The tenant will be assured that the company producing the report is unbiased and that any assessments are independent and fair. Our clerks have a wealth of experience visiting all types of properties on a daily basis, they are able to assess damage, maintenance issues and wear and tear.

An inventory prepared by Urban Inventories becomes a living document of your property, i.e. once you have an inventory prepared by us we will keep updating this document for each new tenancy. This means that you only pay for an inventory once for the first tenancy and for any subsequent tenancies we update the inventory for a “check in fee” which is less than the inventory cost. As we have a wealth of industry knowledge you can rest assured that you will have continuity of reporting unlike other inventory companies that may come and go.


A detailed inventory has always been required as a matter of best practice however with recent changes in legislation all tenancies should, New Housing Act 2004 relating to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme regulations now firmly highlight how essential a correct inventory and schedule of condition is, however this is not the only document required as if at the end of the tenancy should there be a dispute between Landlord / Agent and Tenant , the check in report will also be crucial to deciding on fair wear and tear or damage.

It is strongly recommended as best practice & common practice now to employ a professional governed body or reputable Inventory provider to carry out the report and procedure, this again is to safe guard the landlord & tenant and takes away conflict of interest between both parties. It is not simply a matter of cost, it is simply a matter of assurance.


24 hour turnaround time

All of our Inventory reports are completed and typed the same day this allows us to have a fast and accurate 24 hour turnaround time.


Digital Photos are taken with all the services below. 


Full Itinerary of Property Inventory

Key exchange is recorded and meters are read where accessible on all properties.

“High quality reports with the added advantage of state of the art software allowing Urban Inventories to be a step ahead of the competition. Urban Inventories offers friendly impartial professional personal service both to commercial agents, landlords, private commercial businesses.”

Full Itinerary of Property Inventory services


Inventory Compilation

A comprehensive inventory of the contents, furnishings, fixtures, and fittings of the property, including a full description of the condition of doors, walls, ceilings, floors and carpets, paintwork, light fittings, woodwork, windows, radiators and garden areas. The document is agreed by both landlord and tenant and forms part of the contract between landlord and tenant. Our reports have been used in conjunction with claims being made on both sides and have stood up in court.

Check In Reports

A full schedule of condition is produced at check-in detailing the cleanliness of the property, logging all meters and keys and listing any appliances with model numbers and manuals, this service has been extended to smoke alarms due to recent legislation changes and is offered free of charge. A walk-through of the property will be conducted by Urban Inventories staff allowing the tenant an opportunity to raise any amendments or concerns. Finally, the schedule of condition and inventory can be digitally signed by the tenant or their representative before keys are handed over.

Simultaneous Inventory and Check-in

Urban Inventories are able to provide a simultaneous inventory check-in service for all properties on the day the tenancy commences We understand there are often many pressures on timings at the start of a tenancy and so we know it is important to be able to provide a ‘one’ visit service so as not to delay the process any further or suffer unnecessary costs.

Check Out Reports

At the end of the tenancy, our team of clerks will compare the condition of the property against the original inventory compiled at the start of the tenancy, noting any changes. This can either be carried out with another inventory service provider’s report or our own. Each room in the report will have a complete overview, photographs and a detailed description of any changes that have occurred against the inventory that was agreed at the start of the tenancy. The report will note all final meter readings and keys returned will be checked against the list as provided at the check-in also testing of alarms such as smoke & Co2. The Urban Inventories clerk will take forwarding contact details for outgoing tenants where possible.

Mid Term Reports

Urban Inventories can complete interim inspections and highlight any potential concerns or maintenance issues during the tenancy and will inform the Landlord or Managing Agent. We have a designated clerk who manages this service who has 4 years of inventory experience and is trained to AIIC & ARLA. Inv & Are also accredited & audited by Stroma Certification standards, further information can be found on our page titled UI-PS.

After Sales Snagging Reports

In addition to our Inventory services we offer a snagging maintenance inspections and reports for all new build or refurbished properties which documents and photographs the final finish quality. These property inventory services are ideal for landlords abroad who are unable to visit their new property or any landlord who would like a keen eye to check over any works carried out on their property.

Professional & Regulated


If you are looking for a reliable & reputable Property Services Company to deliver quality services and remove one of the headaches associated with letting property, you’ve come to the right place. 




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