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General Information


Smoke Alarms & carbon monoxide alarms

There is legislation in place to ensure the safety of tenants with responsibilities falling to both parties. To fully understand your obligations as a Landlord or tenant please see our fact sheet.

blind safety

Recent legislation has been created to ensure the safety of blinds particularly to protect infants. This legislation must be adhered to by all Landlords. To understand your obligations as a Landlord or to better understand your rights as a tenant please see our fact sheet.

Soft furnishings & fire labels

The regulations concerning furniture in rented properties have been tightened to apply to all accommodation available in the residential lettings market, as from 1st January 1997 Landlords letting residential property must ensure that all of their furniture is “fire resistant” to comply with the regulations, otherwise they will be committing a criminal offence. The penalty for this offence is a fine of up to £5,000 and/or six months imprisonment.


Tenants and Landlords often find expectations regarding the upkeep of gardens a grey area which can result in dispute. Garden maintenance is to be taken seriously from the start of the tenancy, to fully understand what this entails for you please see our fact sheet.


Although there are no definitive rules regarding fair wear and tear the House of Lords has defined it as ‘reasonable use of the premises and the ordinary operation of natural forces’. A tenant is entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premises throughout the duration of the tenancy and has a duty of care to ensure the property is not damaged and is maintained.


Prior to the check out it is important for the property to be prepared correctly by the tenants to ensure minimal deductions are made from the security deposit. There are several simple things a tenant can do.


Statistics show that cleaning issues are the most common factor when it comes to deposit disputes which is why it is imperative both parties understand what is expected. To wholly understand your obligation please see our fact sheet.

Privacy Notice and GDPR

This is an overview of the types of information I collect about you; how I collect and use it; who I might share it with; the steps I will take to make sure it stays private and secure and, last but not least, your rights to your information.

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